Registration in Subjects

Registration in Subjects

The enrollment period for the subjects for the 2021.1 school period will be from March 18-19, 2021 and must be done through the request available below.

Registration Requirement in PPGF/UERN Subject 


1 – The applications must be rigorously sent within the time limit. If you do not receive confirmation of your registration until the end of the limit, contact the PPGF secretariat. For the correct completion of the application, check the names and codes of the subjects in the PPGF schedule for the period.  

2 – There are no credits associated with thesis preparation. The location for the coordinator's signature must be left blank.

3 – New students must enroll in at least two subjects, and veterans must enroll according to the guidance of their tutor. 

4 – All students who took subjects in the previous period must deliver the Period Activity Report download the requirement here) at the PPGF Secretariat on the first day of class. Students who did teaching practice in the previous period, must also submit the practice report (download the requirement here).